Use cases

This list describes use cases and the respective sequences of events that supply you with the desired results using YaCy.

Search Functions

You are looking for www documents, but - for different reasons (availability, censorship, other search portals' ranking and sorting) - you want to find websites that have been indexed by a community of independent or topic-oriented (see: different networks; freeworld; TOR; sciencenet) YaCy peers.

You own a web portal and need a search function for your pages. Users of your website shall be able to find documents within your site or its sub-domains. Users of the public YaCy network (freeworld) shall get results containing links to your site.

You own a web portal on a special-interest topic and want to change it into a search portal which offers a web search especially on this subject. Your users shall be able to get search results from your site and the sites you recommended alike from a single search dialogue.

An intranet you administer needs a search function. Users of this search shall be able to reach all pages of your intranet from a single search page. (Use similar to a 'search appliance'; see: GSA)

Collaborative Desktop Indexing

You and your colleagues need a common search function for documents which are stored on your private computers and not on shared drives. Each member of the group can restrict the shared use to certain documents. All documents are to be published via a web service. A search shall include all shared documents. Other persons' frequently-used documents are to be accessed by means of a bookmark function.

Personal Web Assistance

Personal Bookmark Server

You have a huge number of bookmarks on your private and on your company computer. You want to use all of them on both computers without publishing them. While you are on a journey, you also want to be able to access your personal bookmarks from any computer.

Web Analysis

You administer a web portal and want to remove faulty links from your site.

Generation of a Domain List

You need a list of domain names which are accessible on-line and provide contents.

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