Join In!

YaCy is free software which means that we use a free software licence, the GPL (version 2). The software was developed by a developer community; some people are listed on the right column. The source code is hosted at

How can I help?

You can help by using the YaCy web search as your own search engine. By running your own peer, you contribute to the global YaCy search index in the 'freeworld' search network. YaCy search gets better as more people use it and contribute to the common search index. There are also other options to contribute listed below.

Spread the Word!

This project seeks to establish not just a search engine but to achieve the ideological goal of preventing censorship by providing decentralization and independence of information. If you, like us, believe that this is important, then help YaCy by telling people about this alternative to centralized search portals. Write in blogs, forums and social networking sites about it, link to from your own website and tell other people about it in any way you can think of

How to use YaCy as your search engine - run a public peer

To run a public peer, you need to download the YaCy installation for your operating system from the project home page. Be sure you install YaCy to a disk that has a reasonable amount of free space. After installing, remember to configure your operating system to start YaCy when your computer starts up. Finally, you'll need to make sure port 8080 is open by configuring your router or firewall (if you don't know how to do that, you'll need to search online for instructions specific to your operating system and router). After configuring your firewall/router (and with YaCy running), use an online tool such as this to verify your port is indeed open. That's it! YaCy will run as a low priority process (which means it won't stop you using your computer for the things you normally use if for). To search, open the url http://localhost:8090 with your web browser. Remember, YaCy is still growing, so search results won't be as extensive as the likes of Google just yet - but you're helping to change that!

Graphic and Web Designer Wanted!

This website and the YaCy interface could use the help of a graphic designer. If you have such knowledge your help would be very welcome!

Authors for help-texts and descriptions in the Wiki

The YaCy documentation can always use improvement, since development is fast, the content in the wiki becomes quickly out-dated. If you can't write programs but you want to help document YaCy, wiki contributions would be much appreciated.

Translation of the YaCy administration pages

The online interface of YaCy can be localized, we currently have english and german localizations. If you speak another language then you can help by doing a localization for your own language. This is not difficult and only requires translation of a localization file from german or english into the new language.

Developers: your idea to extend the functionality of YaCy

We need more developers and your help is welcome. If you have an idea for a new function, please let us know.

Use YaCy as the search engine for your own projects

Most projects use wikis, forums, and static Web pages for their project documentation. These functional areas often have their own search technology, but they can not search across all of the different areas within the project. With YaCy you can search across all of these sources. By using YaCy as your search portal, your website will benefit and YaCy will benefit too by getting better visibility as a search solution.