Search Engine Technology

YaCy is a complete search appliance with user interface, index, administration and monitoring. The following diagram shows its components:

YaCy harvests web pages with a web crawler. Documents are then parsed, indexed and the search index is stored locally. If your peer is part a peer network, then your local search index is also merged into the shared index for that network. If a search is started then the local index contributes together with a global search index from peers in the YaCy search network.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

YaCy peers continuously exchange index fragments using a Distributed Hash Table. Index data can therefore reach the local peer even before a user query is submitted, but of course it is still loaded from the remote peer network too when needed.

Search Result Processing and Fraud Protection

twitter this video Download from Vimeo: Search Result Processing and Fraud Protection


YaCy consists of a variety of components that serve the networking, administration and maintenance of the index with blacklists, moderation functions and community communication. The following graph shows components in YaCy: