Where is the YaCy search portal?

The idea of YaCy is to have a distributed search without a centralised server and with an own search software. If there were a central Web portal then that could ruin the whole idea! However, people keep on asking for a 'demo' search portal or just something where it is possible to try YaCy without the installation of the YaCy peer.

A portal-like access to the YaCy network 'free world' (the default YaCy network for the WWW) should at least reflect the decentralized nature of the YaCy project. Every peer in the 'freeworld' network can in fact be used as a demo peer, but it might be possible the one selected peer does not work sufficiently enough as demo. There can be variuous reason for that, i.e. the peers user is doing a download meanwhile. A load balancer on demo peers would do best! Such a load balancer can now be accessed at:

Demo-Portal: http://yacy.searchlab.eu

Offering a demo portal for everyone is not useful for YaCy if people are using only the search portal as search engine without contribution of a new peer. We therefore like to ask frequent users of the portal to install their own YaCy peer as access point for the global search. Operating your own search peer is the best option to use YaCy. All arguments for a decentralized search about privacy and censorship resistance will apply and your own peer offers probably the best search performance.

Architecture of the Load Balancer