YaCy as a Search Appliance:
Topic-Oriented Search and Search Engine for Projects

YaCy can operate as a single search appliance without networking with other peers. Such a search instance can be used for:

Your own search portal!

If you run a YaCy peer, you have your own search engine. You can use it either to provide search functionality for your own search portal, or you can join a community of search engine peers to share your web index with the web index of other YaCy peer owners. If you search with YaCy your search requests are anonymous because they go to your computer and not to a central search portal server. No central server can log your searches.

Integration of a search window in your own web pages

YaCy provides simple code snippets to support the integration of YaCy search into your own web pages. There is also a search widget (pops up on your web pages if you like that) and demonstration snippets are provided by the YaCy administration interface. You only need to copy-paste the code into your pages.

Privacy and Security